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It's a shame that even in this day and age we still have all these law's that stop people from wanting to be together regardless of sex you have really looked into and researched law's and people's opinions to make this work well.


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Randy Dragon Please welcome new author, Randy Dragon, with his first story: 'Conquest of the Latin Stallion' Feedback, as ever, is always welcome! The times where a good game had to work hard to convey a lot while remaining vague.

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Google uses and data to:• An excellent collection of beautifully written books from our very own Hector Himeros REVIEW OF SCRIPTED LOVE AT GOODREADS: 4 stars I loved the characters miza and abel and how miza was so in the closet that he didn't realise he could possibly be gay but with Abel he came to love and find true love in return ,was a little teary eyed at the end, With what they had to go through and how it ended but was truly fantastic to read.

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com' The pages on this site are updated frequently so you may need to refresh your browser sometimes to make sure that it is not displaying an old, cached page by mistake As many of you often ask about specific artists and authors I have decided to set up a Google Group which will issue a notification whenever new works are available.

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